donderdag 21 februari 2019

A Aanbidding

Gentle Rain - Lyric Video (Robin Prijs, 2017)

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Can you hear it falling
All across the land
Raindrops of the Spirit
Are falling from His hand

A gentle fresh Anointing
Drawing us to Him
A stirring of our spirits
Rising deep within

A gentle rain is falling
A gentle voice is calling

Standing in Your presence
Soaking up the rain
Fear and guilt surrender
To forgiveness once again

I sense Your eyes upon me
Hear You gently call my name
Your loving arms surround me
As I worship in the rain

Your gentle rain is falling
Your gentle voice is calling

This song is not an official publication, but was made to help small groups and individuals to worship God. Therefore it is allowed to use this music for all worship purposes, without needing permission. The entire (unofficial) album can be downloaded for free at: 

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