donderdag 21 maart 2019

A Aanbidding

Come To The River - Lyric Video (Robin Prijs, 2017)

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There is a river that never runs dry
There is a fire that never subsides
There is a yearning for you and for I
There is a burning of love in His eyes

And when you feel distant
When nothing seems right
You can still hear the Father
Calling His children, "arise"

Come to the river that never runs dry
Come and drink of the water of life
For the wind is still blowing the water is high
It will never be over it will never subside
It will always be flowing it's always alive
Cause my love never changes, my love never dies

This song is not an official publication, but was made to help small groups and individuals to worship God. Therefore it is allowed to use this music for all worship purposes, without needing permission. The entire (unofficial) album can be downloaded for free at: 

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