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H Heart of Worship 2012

Take me to that place - Craig & Gail Docksteader (2012)

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Craig & Gail Docksteader

Deze sessie werd opgenomen tijdens The Heart of Worship Conferentie 2012, welke plaatsvond in de 'Levend Evangelie Gemeente' te Amsterdam. Een conferentie van LoveUnlimited, voorheen bekend als Jaweh Ministries International.


Take me to the place
Where the singers cannot sing
Where every voice is quiet
In the presence of the King
Take me to the place
Where the sound of music fades
And the glory of the Lord
Rests upon us like a weight

Where no man can stand before You
But by mercy and by grace
Where no evil spirit wanders
Or comes near unto that place
Where no sickness dares to enter
And no darkness can be found
For the brightness of Your presence
Shines like glory all around

Take me to that place
I want to see Your face
Take me to that place
I long to see Your face

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