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H Heart of Worship 2012

Behold the Lion - Craig & Gail Docksteader (2012)

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Craig & Gail Docksteader

Deze sessie werd opgenomen tijdens The Heart of Worship Conferentie 2012, welke plaatsvond in de 'Levend Evangelie Gemeente' te Amsterdam. Een conferentie van LoveUnlimited, voorheen bekend als Jaweh Ministries International.


When you see the dark clouds coming
And you hear the distant rumbling
Then you know a storm is very near

When you see the darkness running
And the light begins its dawning
Then you know the days is almost here

Watchmen on the wall
What can you see from there?
Take a closer look
There's a stirring in the air
Watchmen on the wall
On your feet and stand
Put the trumpet to your lips
There's a stirring in the land

Behold the Lion of Judah roars again
Behold the Lion of Juday roars again

The Lord God is a Warrior
His army's going forward
The enemy is running is retreat
Like thunder on the water
He's calling sons and daughters
His voice is going forth from sea to sea

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